Research On The Assessment Of Biochemical Parameters Of Poultry Meat Under A Constant Level Of Energy And Protein

Mihai Neacsu, Ilie Van, Razvan Popa, Dana Popa, Livia Vidu, Dorel Dronca


Biochemical parameters for poultry meat, in constant level of energy and protein, in terms of dry matter, raw fat content, and raw ash content were estimated in two poultry genetic type Cobb 500 and Ross 308. A total 16 records, belonging to 60 individuals (male and female) which coming random from these two hybrids were analyzed. There was a little variability in all analyzed traits. According to values of traits and t test, between two genetic types there are some statistically significant differences, under identical conditions of feeding and housing.


poultry meat quality, biochemical parameters, hybrids

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