Evidence for resistance to carbaryl in poultry red mites from the Republic of Serbia and Montenegro

Aleksandar Pavlicevic, Ivan Pavlovic, Novica Stajkovic, Bratislav Paesic


The objective of this research was to examine the efficiency of carbaryl under laboratory conditions, based on field populations of poultry red mites from throughout the Republic of Serbia and Montenegro over a period of 6 years (2001-2006). In 2001 samples, an excellent efficiency level of 95.7% at 0.1% carbaryl concentration after 30-minute exposure was found. The total pharmacological profile of carbaryl in relation to D. gallinae mites resulted in adequate control. However, by 2003 a significant decline in carbaryl’s efficiency was apparent. By 2005, a population of D. gallinae was discovered which showed no apparent susceptibility to carbaryl. Poultry red mite populations had by then developed extreme resistance.


carbaryl, poultry red mites, resistance

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