Histomorphometry of Deldoid Muscle (Musculus Deltoideus) at the Hybrids of Mouflon (Ovis Ammon Musimon Pal.) and Domestic Sheep

Nenad Nedeljkovic, Nicolae Pacală, Liliana Petculescu Ciochină, Ioan Bencsik, Dorel Dronca, Eliza Simiz, Adela Marcu, Valeriu Caraba, Gabi Dumitrescu


The aim of this study was to establish production performances upon slaughter in the hybrids obtained by crossbreeding of the mouflon (Ovis ammon musimon Pal.) and domestic sheep. The morphological and histomorphometric study was carried out on fragments deltoid muscles (Musculus deltoideus) sampled from seven MM x FT hybrids and seven MT x FM hybrids, respectively. To do so, muscle fragments were fixed in a 10% formalin solution and histological preparations were stained through the Mallory trichromic method. Histomorphometric analysis reveals that the MM x FT hybrids have thicker muscular fibbers and smaller amounts of inter-fibrillar connective tissue than the MT x FM hybrids (p<0.001). Also, the mean area of muscular fascicles per microscopic field was larger in the MM x FT hybrids than in the MT x FM hybrids (p>0.05). Results of our study show that using mouflon (Ovis ammon musimon Pal.) and local Tigaie sheep in the development of new genotypes could be a good solution for both the conservation of these threatened species and production of high quality mutton.


Ovis ammon musimon Pal., sheep, Musculus deltoideus, histology, histomorphometry

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