Effect of drinking water supplementation with phyto-additives (horseradish, dog-rose, French tamarisk and grapes) on parameters at slaughtering in young rabbits

Marian BURA, Paula Iuliana Bohatâr, Silvia Pătruică, Sorin Voia, Cristina Pîrvuleţ, Dan Ţigănele


At the end of the experimental period (105 days), the entire group of young rabbits studied was slaughtered. Successive to this, we determined the following indices: mean live body weight at the end of the experimental period, mean carcass weight, mean gain at slaughtering, mean mass of internal edible organs (liver, heart, lungs and kidneys) and the proportion of internal organs in carcass mass, in hybrid young rabbit. According to the analyses of differences between the control rabbit group and the group with French tamarisk, the group with horseradish and the one with grapes, we observed significant differences (p<0.05) in terms of live body weight and body after killing (after bleeding and skinning), skin mass and internal organs mass (liver, heart, lungs and kidneys). During the comparison of the control group with the group with horseradish, in terms of body mass after skinning, and of the control group with the group with grape seeds in terms of heart mass, the differences were insignificant (p>0.05). By comparing the experimental groups to each other, we determined insignificant differences (p>0.05) between all the parameters studied at slaughtering.

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