Evaluation of the administration effects of probiotics against Campylobacter Jejuni on the immune system of broiler chickens

Lavinia Ştef


The purpose of this research is to determinate the impact of the probiotics administration on serum protein and properdin, fractionation of proteins, lysozyme. Probiotics administration (Lactobacillus paracasei J.R., Lactobacillus rhamnosus 15b, Lactobacillus lactis y and Lactobacillus lactis FO) in different quantities had a positive effect on the organism in increasing the total protein in favor of the serum albumin, maintaining a greater than one ratio between them and serum globulins, furthermore an increase in metabolic rate is indicated as well as the increasing of the nutrients transport capacityand endogenous synthesis. The fodder recipes that contained probiotics led to a rising slope of the alpha and beta electrophoretic factions between batches, due to the increase of the total protein the differences being statistically notsignificant. Additionally it was recorded an increasing of the synthesis of gamma electrophoretic factions, which highlights the increasing adaptability and response to exogenous biotic factors. Adding probiotics (4 strains) in the last period of growth or (2 strains) over the lifetime of rearing chicken, caused a significant increase of lysozyme, although the increase of properdin and phagocytic index is notsignificant.


broiler, hematology, immunity, probiotics

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