Characteristics of Skeletal Musculature of Pheasants Hatched from Eggs of Different Eggshell Colour

Dragan Zikic, Slobodan Stojanovic, Zlatko Jojkic, Gordana Uscebrka


The aim of this paper was to examine morphodinamics of development of skeletal musculature of pheasants hatched from eggs of different eggshell colour. Four groups of pheasant eggs (dark brown, light brown, brown/green and blue/green) were incubated. Samples of skeletal musculature of leg and breast were taken during the embryonic and neonatal period of development. From taken samples histological preparations were made. In pheasants hatched from blue/green eggs the smaller diameter of leg and breast muscle cells and the higher volume density of connective tissue in leg and breast muscles were recorded. It was concluded that pheasants hatched from blue/green eggs had the weakest development of skeletal musculature, which can be related to structural differences of eggshell of various colour.


eggshell colour; pheasant; skeletal musculature

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