Characters analysis of genetic improvement at the males population from Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog breed

Dorel Dronca, Nicolae Pacala, Lavinia Stef, Ioan Pet, Ioan Bencsik, Marian Bura, Gabi Dumitrescu, Eliza Simiz, Marioara Nicula, Adela Marcu, Liliana Ciochina Petculescu, Mirela Ahmadi


The aim of this paper was to analyze, within a group of 26 males from Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog breed, 13 characters of genetically improved, characters stipulated in, „Selection sheet and body measurements for Romanian shepherds".The animals were registered with the Romanian Mioritic Association Club fromRomania.  Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog, was selected from a natural population breed inCarpathian Mountains. In order to develop a genetic improvement program at this effective of 26 males from Romanian Sheperd Dog breed, found in evidence of Romanian Mioritic Association Club from Romania, should be considered the following conclusions on variance those 13 characters studied in this paper, respectively, the variability was middle for the width of skull and ear  and low for the other 11 characters analyzed. Also, this paper highlighted the following reports of the characters analyzed at the males taken in the study: the ratio between the average of length and width skull was 1.005:1, the ratio between the average of length skull and the average of length muzzle was 1.31:1 and between average of the width of skull and the muzzle was 1.82:1. By Comparing between them length, width and depth of muzzle, resulted a ratio of 1.38:1:1.10.


Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog, males, body measurements, variance

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xxx Regulations for selection in order to grant the breeding right for the dogs belonging to Romanian breeds;

xxx- Standard FCI nr. 349/13.07.2005: Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog.


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