Effect of Ochratoxin A and Aristolochic Acid on a Porcine Kidney Cell Line

Daniela E Marin, Gina C Pistol, Ionelia Taranu


The Balkan endemic nephropathy (BEN) is an irreversible, chronic, tubulo-interstitial nephropathy described so far in several rural regions from the Balkan with an unknown aetiology. Both ochratoxin A (OTA) and aristolochic acid (AA) are considered responsible for BEN. This paper performed a comparison between the toxic effect of OTA and AA using a kidney cell line LLC-PK. OTA and AA decreased cell viability in a dose dependent manner. The dose dependent effect was observed for both toxins, the doses higher than 5mg/mL inducing a significant inhibition of viability (P<0.05) in AA and OTA treated cells, when compared with control. For doses higher than 50mg/mL, the toxicity of AA was higher than the OTA cytotoxicity. A slight decrease of IL-8 was observed after 6h, for OTA, while AA slightly increase the IL-8 synthesis. After 24h, IL-8 synthesis was decreased by both toxins, AA having a more pronounced effect than OTA. IL-10 synthesis was not affected by the treatment of both toxins. In conclusion, both OTA and AA negatively affect LLC-PK cells viability and capacity to synthesize IL-8, with AA being more toxic than OTA for the highest concentrations used in this study.


ochratoxin A, aristolochic acid, LLC-PK, cytokines

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