Evaluating the quality of the edible offal (heart, liver, kidney) of rabbits (Flemish Giant breed) during storage by refrigeration following the evolution of the pH

Gabriela FRUNZĂ, Cecilia POP, Paul Corneliu BOIȘTEANU


The purpose of this paper was to determine the quality of the edible offal (heart, liver and kidney) of rabbits (Flemish Giant breed) during storage by refrigeration following the evolution of the pH, after slaughter, during maturation, to autolysis and alteration, from 27 individuals (15 males and 12 females). The rabbits had an average body weight of 11.5 kg being at the age of reproductive maturity (11-12 months). The pH evolution of the edible offal (heart, liver, kidney) of rabbits (refrigerated at 20C) was monitored during of 18 days after slaughter. The pH evolution had a fluctuant ascendant trend, quite similar for females and males, presenting insignificant differences by gender. At 24 h after slaughter, the mean values of pH of the main edible offal (from males and females) had the highest average values to the kidneys 6.48, followed by the heart 6.32 and by the liver 6.23. The alteration occurred much faster in kidneys and was starting with the 13th day of storage, the pH being close to 6.8-7.


evolution, females, males, offal, rabbits

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