The Impact of Using a Finishing Compound Feed Under the Conditions of a Lighting Program with Asymmetric Time Intervals on Productive Results in Raising for Meat and Slaughter Quail Youth Males of Balotești Population

Ionita Lucian, Pană Cornel Octavian, Popescu-Micloșanu Elena, Nica George


   In order to study the impact of a regime of finishing compound feed in the conditions of using a lighting program with asymmetric time intervals at quail youth males of Balotesti population raised for meat production and youth slaughtering results, in the period 1 – 56 days of growth was organized an experiment on a total of 200 quail males who received the same treatment for the first 28 days. At the age of 29 days they were divided into two batches: the first batch consisting of 100 males (control batch) received one single type of compound feed in the period 29 – 56 days (growth feed specific to the second phase of quail youth growth, with 3140 kcal ME/kg c.f. and 22.50% CP). The experimental batch of 100 males received two types of compound feed (compound feed for the phase two of raising the youth quail in the period 29 – 42 days and a compound feed for adult quails in the period 43 – 56 days (value 2810 kcal ME/kg c.f. and 19.81% CP). All birds were subjected to a lighting program with asymmetric time intervals with the duration of 16 hours a day (10 hours light + 2 hours darkness + 6 hours light + 6 hours darkness).

   The average live weight at the age of 49 days was 3.29% and with 2.95% at the age of 56 days higher in the experimental batch compared to the control group, while the average weight of the carcass was higher too in the experimental batch at the age of 49 days (with 1.00%), and at the age of 56 days (with 1.80%).

   Considering that there have been good performances at the experimental batch, it is advisable that when quail males are raised after 49 days of age in the direction of meat production, to use in the week 7th and 8th of growth a compound feed recipe with energy level and protein level lower compared to the period 28 – 42 days, which also contributes to the reduction of production costs for quail meat.


quail, youth, slaughter, compound feed, light

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