Effect of organic and mineral fertilizers on bird’s-foot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus L.) nodular activity

Ilie Toth


Fertilising legume crops has been a very controversial cultivation technology measure because of the secondary effects on nitrogen-fixing ability.

Numerous research have shown, as mentioned in literature, that an increase of the concentration of ammonia nitrate causes a decrease of the nodular activity in legumes and that the presence of NO3- ions for longer periods of time inhibit the development of nodules and the activity of nitrogenase.

This paper presents the effect of the interactions between organic and mineral fertilisers on nodular activity in bird’s-foot trefoil in a bifactorial trial setting.

Keywords: Lotus corniculatus L., fertilising, nitrogen fixing, nodular activity.


biotehnologie, lotus corniculatus L

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Toth I. et al., Effect of seed size and

ultrasound treatments on nodulation

ability in bird’s-foot-trefoil

(Lotus corniculatus L.).Volume 4,

Issue 1, ISSN (Online) 2319-1473

Manuscript Processing Details

(dd/mm/yyyy):Received : 25/06/2015 |

Accepted on : 30/06, (Online) 2319-


Toth I. et al., Impact of Fertilisation on

the Growth and Development of the Root

System and of the Aerial Vegetative

System in Bird’s-foot-trefoil

(Lotus corniculatus L.). Scientific Papers:

AnimalScience and Biotechnologies,

, 49 (2).


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