Examination of the nasal botfly (Cephenemyia stimulator, Clark, 1815) in the roe deer (Capreolus capreolus, Linnaeus, 1758), in Hungary

Szilárd Pinnyey


We examined roe deer in the southern part of Hungary, in different habitats, in the last two hunting seasons. The subject of the examination was the nasal botfly (Cephenemyia stimulator) larvae in the roe deer. We examined to what extent the larva influences key parameters of the roe deer. We researched the skulls of roe deer and we found the different developmental instar larvae. We collected all possible data about these roe deer: the age, the body weight, the condition, the sex and the trophy (antler) weight in case of the bucks. We analyzed and classified the collected and calculated data and specified the typical indicators of parasitology, e.g. the number of infected roe deer, the proportion of infected roe deer, the number of larvae, the parasitism, the prevalence, the mean intensity.


botfly, Cephenemyia stimulator, larva, parasitology, roe deer

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