Pollution through tourism and the managers’ involvement in the ecologic education of the tourists

Corina Constanța Sîrbu, Tiberiu Iancu, Ioan Brad, Elena Peț, Sebastian Moisa, Iasmina Iosim, Claudia Sîrbulescu, Genoveva Buzamăt


The study regarding the tourists behavior is very important because, beside the possibility to meet new people, different cultures and to visit special places, they think they can do whatever they want when they are in vacation. This approach is wrong and has impact on the environment. From our analysis, we noticed that the positive effects on the environment are less than the negative ones and the main cause is the uncivilized behavior of the tourists. In this study, we observed that 85% of the participants are aware that, due to their behavior, the environment is polluted, and 38% admit that they threw the garbage in waters or on the ground. We consider that the tourists education is necessary in order to stop the environment pollution.


pollution; managers; tourism; environment

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