Despina Maria Bordean, Vladut Nicolae Valentin, Ioan Caba, Ioan Gogoasa, Liana Alda, Camelia Moldovan, Diana Moigradean, Luminita Pirvulescu


The aim of the this study is to present a combined view of bio – geo - chemistry, soil – plant interactions, mathematic models and statistic analysis, based on the correlation between the levels of soil contamination, and the remanence of polluting substances in soil and respectively in harvested fruits and vegetables. Most of the mathematical models which describe plant - soil interactions are integrated in plant growth models or climate change models. The models presented by this paper are Soil – Plant Interaction Models, Pollution Indices, The Indices for Evaluating the Adaptative Strategies of Plants and Chemo-metrical Methods, and they have the role to synthesize and evaluate the information regarding heavy metals contamination. 


Fingerprint, Freundlich-Like Equation, Pedotransfer Functions, Plant – Soil Interaction, TU Method

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