Preliminary Results on Lambs Performances of Tsigai Breed Fed with Different Diets

Elena ILIȘIU, Andreea Hortanse ANGHEL, Cristian Vasile ILIȘIU, Camelia Zoia ZAMFIR, Vasile Călin ILIȘIU, Dorina NADOLU


The present study was conducted to determine the effect of ram, sex and diet on growth performances of Tsigai lambs – rusty variety from birth up to 5 months.  The birth weight, weight at 28 days and weaning weight were observed on 212 lambs coming from 10 rams’ groups.  At 5 months age, the depth, eye muscle area of Longissimus dorsi, muscle perimeter and the backfat thickness covering this muscle at the cross of sectional area between the 12th

and 13th ribs, and between 3-4 lumbar vertebrae was determined using ultrasonic measurements from 80 lambs (40 male from two lots - L1 and L2 – 20 heads/lot and 40 female – L3) fed with different diets. At this time, the weights of lambs at 5 months was also recorded. The overall men weight of lambs at 5 months was 42.23 kg at L1, 40.18 kg at L2 and 34.58 kg at L3. The weight at 5 months was found to be significantly affected by sex. The diet had no significant effect on growth performances of the lambs. The means for ultrasonic measurement was significantly affected by sex.  The variation observed between lots means were significant for eye muscle depth at 3-4 lumbar vertebrae and for eye muscle area, but not significant for backfat thickness, and muscle perimeter. Regarding the phenotypic correlations between ultrasound measurements with weight at 5 months, from a total of 45 traits couples 57.78% are small correlation (0.00-0.30), 20.00% are medium to high correlations (0.31-0.60) and high correlations recorded 22.22 % (0.61-1.00). Important information on body composition of lambs can be obtained practically by ultrasonic measurements on live animals. When combined in a breeding program with lamb market weights, these measurements will provide a way to increase both meat yield and the quality of Tsigai lambs.


diets, eye muscle area, lambs, Tsigai, ultrasonic measurements

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