Research on Hematological Parameters in Aubrac Cattle Breed Exploited on the Conditions of Romania

Bianca Maria MĂDESCU, Roxana Lazar, Madalina Alexandra Davidescu, Ioana Porosnicu, Paul Corneliu Boisteanu


The current paper checks the health of Aubrac cattle breed, exploited in the conditions of our country, thus achieving a highlighting of hematological parameters. It is an old cattle breed from France, originating from the Aubrac mountains (south of the Central massif), which has recently become an important object of major interest for beef cattle breeders in our country. Blood samples were collected from each animal studied, then they were analyzed using the hematological analyzer scil Vet ABC.This analyzer is simple to operate and produces a complete three part differential blood count in only 90 seconds, requires only 12 µl of whole blood.  The results were highlighted by an individual blood count, including the following parameters: erythrocytes, thrombocytes, total leucocytes, hemoglobin and erythrocyte indices. In the case of one animal, were observed insignificant deviations from normal values, in terms of the number mean corpuscular volume. The other animals studied are in full health, this conclusion can be deduced from the fact that the observed values fall within the normal range of the literature.


Aubrac, blood, health, hematology.

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