Growth performance and survival rate of Boer x Central Highland goat under extensive production system

Zeleke Tesema


This study was conducted to evaluate the growth performance and survival rate of Boer x Central Highland goats reared extensively. Besides, the prolificacy and mothering ability of Central Highland goats were evaluated. Data collected under field condition were utilized for this study. A general linear model procedure of SAS was used to analyse the growth and prolificacy data. The analyses of survival data were performed using the GENMOD procedure of SAS by a linear logit model. The overall least squares mean for birth weight (BWT), weaning weight (3MWT), six-month weight (6MWT), weight gain from birth to weaning (ADG1) and weight gain from weaning to six months of age (ADG2) for Boer crossbred goats were 2.73 kg, 10.4 kg, 14.5 kg, 84.4 g/day and 49.4 g/day, respectively. Whereas the overall least-squares mean BWT, 3MWT, 6MWT, ADG1 and ADG2 for Central Highland goat were 1.79 kg, 6.77 kg, 10.6 kg, 54.1 g/day and 50.4 g/day, respectively. Sex, birth type and year of birth were the major determinants for growth traits. The pre-weaning survival rate of crossbred goats was 81.7%. The overall mean litter size at birth, litter size at weaning and weaning rate for Central Highland does were 1.48 kids, 1.21 kids, 81.7%, respectively. The prolificacy was tended to increase with the increase in parity of does. The pre-weaning growth performance of Boer crossbreds was superior to the indigenous Central Highland goats. However, the post-weaning growth rate was found to be similar for both genotypes. Central Highland goat had a moderate prolificacy and mothering ability. There should be a further study regarding the major causes of mortality of kids reared under an extensive production system.


Central Highland, growth rate, mothering ability, prolificacy, survival

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