Antibiofilm activity of Cajeput (Melaleuca Leucadendron) essential oil against Stenotrophomonas maltophilia

Miroslava Kačániová, Margarita Terentjeva, Simona Kunová, Katarína Rovná, Jana Žiarovská, Petra Borotová, Veronika Válková, Lucia Galovičová


Stenotrophomonas maltophilia is the causative agent of nosocomial infections and is characterized by biofilm formation.  Primary cell adhesion is crucial in biofilm formation and the type of contact surface has a significant effect. The aim of this work was to assess the antibiofilm activity of Melaleuca leucadendron essential oil. The changes in the biofilm profile of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia were studied using MALDI-TOF MS Biotyper on glass and wooden surfaces. The molecular differences of biofilms in different days were observed as well. The analysis of the mass spectra of S. maltophilia experimental group with Melaleuca leucadendron essential oil showed similarity of the experimental spectra and the control planktonic spectrum on the third day. The results of work proved as such MALDI-TOF MS profiling could be a useful technology for the analysis of biofilm properties.


Stenotrophomonas maltophilia, antibiofilm activity, essential oils, MALDI-TOF MS Biotyper

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